Valentino ZeGna
Photography is something that has moved me since before I can even remember. One day I grabbed my father's camera to show him that I could motion-freeze a coconut falling from a palm tree: he wouldn't believe me, so he bet money on it. After he developed the film, he came home and paid me. I was 11.
I'm originally from Novara, Italy, and I'm currently based in San Francisco, California. I have been fortunate to travel to amazing places and photograph things that excite me, fascinate me and move me. Freezing moments in time and transforming them into a powerful visual experience is, in my opinion, one of the most elevated forms of human expression.
I like to think out of the box. I don't consider my work to fall into any specific bucket. Everything can be framed in a 2-dimensional world, my passion is to do just that. To me photography is not about cameras, lenses, rules, softwares: it's about life and experiences.
I'm always open to new opportunities and embracing new challenges. If you think you have the right project in mind, you found the right person to bring it to life!